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Monday, December 3


Building Private Clouds TBARajesh Kapoor Reducing False Positives in Transactions with Deep Fraud DetectionAnshuman Mishra TBARochelle Grubbs Data Able Podcast Live Taping - Stories from the Data Trenches TBATessa Enns • Matt Jesser • Dave Mathias • Liz Weber How Data Analytics Opportunities Can Co-Exist With US and EU Privacy Regulation TBAMelissa Krasnow • Erich Axmacher • Brad Hammer • Timothy Nagle Launching & Growing a Fintech Startup: The View from the TrenchesGraeme Thickins • Susan Langer • Michael Noble • Charlie Youakim She Talks Data Eat & Greet TBALaura Madsen • Serena Roberts Startup Showcase TBACopernicus • FullContact • FusionSeven • KickFactory • Pergatech • Radaro • Runerra • Runway_Analytics • ShareRoot_Group • Raw_Office • Trinlogix What is Your AI Mental Model? TBAStephen Thompson "But I'm not a data person" Creating a Data Culture at Cargill TBAMitchell Grewer Can’t We All Be friends? - Working Towards Alignment among Business, IT and Data Leaders TBABen Schein Agile & Beyond TBAScott Ernst AI Is Hard. Making it work for you: lessons from the trenches TBASean Otto, Phd Don’t Let Your Data Strategy Crash from a Sugar High TBABrian Cariveau Getting to the Heart of the Customer TBAGary Angel Let's Get Visual with TC Data Viz Group TBATricia Duncan • Dave Mathias • Lisa Osacho • Sarah Solbrig • Paul Wickman Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Better Voice Experiences TBAJay Myers Marketing Personalization using Machine Learning: Harnessing Consumer Engagement for Better outcomes TBADevi Kyanam Predicting Sales during Hurricanes for a Home Improvement Retailer via TensorFlow TBAMatt Yates The Chief AI Officer's Secret: Getting Insights from AI in Minutes, not Months TBANoah Horton The Hole in Financial Wholeness TBASusan Langer Transforming Demand Gen Data into Marketing Insights & Strategy TBALee Klammer Analytics & RPA TBAChet Chambers Augmenting reality at law firms with AI - oh my! TBAJennifer Roberts Building Marketing Analytics Capabilities, Brick by Brick TBAJason Rogowski • Ryan Stellmaker Future of Sports Retail Powered by Machine Learning TBAJohn Peters Predictive Modeling Cooking Show TBANathan Hubbell • Laura Johnson • Priyanka Shah • Rick Sutherland Visual Storytelling: Putting Data into Context TBAArlene Birt AutoEncoders for Anomaly Detection TBAJohn Hogue Automated, Serverless ETL: Building the Digital Analytics Tributary on AWS TBAMorgan Catlin • Josh Moe Building Better Budgets TBAMax Humber Cognitive Marketing: How AI Will Change Marketing Forever TBAChristopher Penn In Four Simple Steps, ETL Clickstream to Data Product APIs (no Engineer needed!) TBAJosh Janzen Mission Impossible: Catch Credit Card Thieves TBAAdam Elliott • Somang Han Recommender Systems: Algorithmic Fundamentals TBAJoseph Konstan, PhD Sniff Out, Then Snuff Regression to the Mean TBAJason McNellis Understanding Public Transit Rider Satisfaction using Clustering and Bayesian Regression TBAKim Eng Ky Using Graphs to Leverage the Natural Connectedness of Data in the World We Live InDan Flavin The Road Ahead: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and VisualizationBonnie Holub