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Dan Yarmoluk

Atek Access Technologies
Director of IoT
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Mr. Dan Yarmoluk is currently the Global Practice Lead for IoT and Data Science at TankScan and AssetScan in the Digital Industrial markets (paper, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, power, wind, food processing) a subsidiary of ATEK Access Technologies, a global manufacturer of metal and plastic components for Fortune 100 organizations.  He is a globally recognized Digital Transformation thought leader in complex cyber physical systems leveraging domain knowledge, process engineering, existing data sets, cloud technologies, data science, APIs, open source and integrating into workflow for real, tangible ROI models and predictive analytics.  He is an author of various articles and a forthcoming book, and frequently is requested to write, interview and discuss these IoT/Industry 4.0 and Data Science solutions for IBM, Microsoft, Siemens, AWS and Intel.  Mr. Yarmoluk is also founder of VertiAI, https://vertiai.com, where he co-hosts the top trending podcast “ All Things Data.”  Mr. Yarmoluk has interviewed several distinguished industry digital thought leaders such Chief Data Scientist of Halliburton, CEO of Unanimous A.I., Director of Data Science of Cloudera, IBM R&D Chief Scientist to name a few.  


In addition, Mr. Yarmoluk is an adjunct faculty professor in the Graduate Programs of Software Engineering at University of St. Thomas in MN, a trusted advisor to leading companies seeking digital transformation in both the data science and IoT realms seeing to leverage the various enabling layers of technologies in a holistic view and in the top 10 of influencers in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Industrial IoT and emerging business models. 


Mr. Yarmoluk’s career is comprised of over twenty years with a demonstrated track record in transforming the industry’s digital agenda across areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Operational Strategic Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Product Management, SaaS business models, consulting, OEM embedded design and system integration.  In addition to these areas of expertise, Dan has interests in helping executives across a broad range of operational efficiency, rationalize costs, increase productivity, top-line growth and agility.  Dan has advised a diverse number of CxO leaders and board members in industries ranging from industrial legal, financial services, auto, NASCAR, agriculture, smart city, academic institutions and other Fortune 500 organizations.


Mr. Dan Yarmoluk’s clients include the top 25 of global industrial organizations as well as leading vendors such as Siemens competing to provide value in the complex digital landscape around data science and IoT.  Mr. Yarmoluk manages the go-to-market, sales, solutioning and delivery of novel IoT hardware, cloud, data science and system integration for these organizations.  Mr. Yarmoluk’s has a team of data scientists, product management, domain experts, reliability experts, embedded design, software engineers and sales teams all tailored to address the challenges of today’s digital environment.  Mr. Yarmoluk holds a BA from University of Texas at Austin, MBA from Loyola University Chicago and Graduate Degree in Data Science from University of St. Thomas.