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Dan Flavin

Neo4j, Inc.
Sr. System Engineer
Dan is a Chicago based pre-sales engineer with an extensive experience in all things data. Over the last 10+ years, Dan has worked with clients to envision and successfully implement solutions in the Hadoop, NoSQL, Machine Learning, and Massively Parallel Database technology realms.  The cumulation of all this experience led Dan to the realization that the data value is driven by connections, not blocks of tables.  This epiphany became a reality when he was fortunate enough to work daily with the original and best graph database technology by becoming part of the Neo4j family.

When he’s not wondering what problems cannot be best solved using a graph model, Dan can be found traversing trails around the Midwest and the Great Lakes with his lovely wife, Pat, and their trusty tent, Nemo. Pat and Dan are perfectly content with his two children not calling during their wanderings because they are mostly self-sufficient, or Pat and Dan have sauntered out of cell phone range.